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Nature-Based and CORSIA Elgible Products


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The Nature-Based products include credits issued by Verra which have demonstrated at least one of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards used to evaluate projects from the early stages of development through their implementation. TVCM’s initial launch will include Nature-Based 2016+, 2017+ and 2018+.

CORSIA Eligible

The CORSIA Eligible product satisfies compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s offsetting scheme, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction for International Aviation (CORSIA). These Units are issued by CORSIA eligible registries: American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Gold Standard’s Impact Registry, and Verra Registry, all of which are TVCM Settle approved.

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What does Nature-Based Mean?

Nature-based solutions is a broadly accepted term in the voluntary carbon marketspace and refers to solutions where humans work with nature for the benefit of both people and biodiversity. Implemented alongside the reduction in fossil fuel usage, nature-based solutions are considered a vital part of reaching a net zero world. Nature-based projects can include carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), agricultural projects, and forestry management.

Purpose of CORSIA

CORSIA’s offsetting scheme was introduced to offset global aviation emissions. In 2016, aviation alone accounted for 2% of the total global emissions. Standardization of the aviation industry under ICAO allowed for the implementation of a broad reaching compliance scheme to tackle this subset of global emissions.

Settlements Available

TVCM’s Nature-Based and CORSIA Eligible products are available for settlement via bilateral agreements or through TVCM Settle.

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